Our Ministry

Kanchan Mittal Ministry


Working with the vision of saving the world, Pastor Kanchan Mittal has dedicated her whole life towards fulfilment of the Great Mission of saving souls, propagating the message of love, peace, deliverance, prosperity and happiness, awakening the world and spreading the good news of coming of Lord Jesus Christ.

Get Involved

The Success of Our Church depends on Participation from pepole like you.Get involved in our Ministries- it will change your life.

Outreach Ministry

Pastor Kanchan Mittal has a compassionate heart towards the souls being deflected from the righteousness of god. Along with her team, Pastor Kanchan Mittal is striving to save souls for the kingdom.

Teens Ministry

Lord’s command for the youth is “remember your creator in the days of your youth”. Many workshops are organised in the church for guiding the youth to the path of righteousness.

Bible Ministry

Everything that is said and done in this ministry is according to the word of god , abiding to it's commandments and nothing is out of the scripture.

Kids Ministry

Kanchan Mittal Ministries focuses essentially on the development of the kids. In the gospel, we read, that lord loves children. He is seeking the people with the heart that of a child. “Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Senior Ministry

Kanchan Mittal Ministries widely focusses on the overall development of a person's physical and spiritual life. Our ministry initiates the participation of every person from a child to an old aged.