Faith - Beginning of the Transformation

The extent of your miracle depends on the intensity of your faith. In The Bible, it is said that a person will get according to his faith. This might feel like a mythological fact or something fetched out of a story but it is not. It is our personal experience and we standby as the living evidences of it. We might think that it is easy said than done and yes when we are in the middle of persecutions, fighting a battle, it is the situation. When in a difficult situation we are told to keep faith in God, we get overwhelmed with anger and blame God, if he is not looking at us and doubt on his faithfulness.

But I can tell that he is most faithful. God is most faithful. Keeping our faith and depending upon any human can lead to a situation of distress but depending on Lord for the solution to all your problems will never go in vain. The time of the struggle is the time of preparation that prepares us to receive our blessing and not stumble from the path of righteousness by getting engrossed into the blessing alone.

We get stuck in situations where we feel that we cannot come over this battle on our own or with our natural strength or resources. In these tough times, when everything seems impossible, cry out to the Lord who resides within you. He is mightier than the one who is in the outside world. As seen in an enlightening instance of the Bible, David who was the anointed son of the God was physically feeble in front of Goliath who was 9 feet tall and a warrior from his childhood but he knew and had faith on the strength of his Lord leading to his winning the battle over Goliath.

Allowing the Lord to interfere in your situations and giving him authority over your lives makes Lord fight all your bakes against the contrary conditions for you. And when the creator and the doer of everything take control than in no way will the loosing will be the part of one's life. Converting things from natural to supernatural make us victorious that will come when we surrender ourselves and keep faith in Lord. It's also mentioned in the Holy Scripture that faith as small as the size of mustard seed is enough to move even the largest of mountains.

Knowing and understanding the correct direction in which one should take his first step changes the entire progression of his story and certainly the result or the outcome. So, no matter what the situation is or how strong the storm is, have faith in God and he will not let you down. God is good and faithful.