When my life shivered for a breath.

Our life was darker and darker with the bleak coldness. It was like being stuck in the cave of sins and seeing no ray of hope which could save us. When we screamed, no life paid heed to it. When we shouted, no one could hear it. When we cried out of frustration and anger, no one could bother it. When we yelled out of anguish in our hearts, the circumstances turned into darker hours. When my life shivered for a breath, there entered a brand new dawn in our life when God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. The light entered through a supernatural means stretching across the corners of my life leaving no darkness at any point. Through a commandment of God, Light entered and did its work. The light was divine. The light was supernatural. The light surpassed our understanding and we just know that ' THERE WAS LIGHT'.

The light pierced our situations entering and transforming them into a Delight. The Delight that surpassed our worries. Remind yourself, When light enters, it changes everything. Jesus said, "I am the Light of the World" which means that apart from him we spend life in darkness. He's saying " I AM " denotes there is no other light of the world. Keep in mind, When Jesus (the light) enters your life, NO CORNER OF YOUR LIFE STAYS DARK. Life is another name for crests and troughs when seen from physical eyes but a name for rising higher and higher when seen from the spiritual eyes... When our life lacked love, God stretched his hand.

When our life lacked patience, God stretched his hand. When our life lacked relief, God stretched his hand. When our life lacked healing, God stretched his hand. When our life lacked mercy, God stretched his hand. The scripture says “All things were made through him, and without him, nothing was made. In him was life”. Rightly, we get to know that when our life becomes shapeless i.e. when it lacks several things, it can be molded rights only by God and not by anyone else as all things are made through him and without him nothing can be made.

 The God of our Life is the creator of the whole being. We cannot challenge the being of the one who has created the whole being. Our God has provided us his word with much simplicity and he expects us to follow it with the same simplicity. God's word is a rock which keeps our life stable. It is a strong foundation. A life which has the foundation of God never knocks down even in the darkest hours, stormy winds and flooded situations.

When God is the foundation, Light stretches. Light stretches to the point where our imagination cannot extend to. When the foundation is God, Word does its work. When God says "LET THERE BE LIGHT", there comes light. When God says" YOU ARE BLESSED", blessings exceedingly come your way. Have your foundation as God, it is the strongest foundation ever imagined.