The Waiting Period

Human mind has the tendency to think negative rather than thinking on a positive approach. People come to God for a specific healing, specific deliverance, specific blessing and start to question God when there is a large time lag between the time of asking and receiving. With reference to our daily lives, we never see a father handover the keys of the car to a child as he knows that it is not the right time to do so. Our earthly father knows what do we need at the particular times. Similarly, we need to get in mind that our heavenly father knows our needs well. The father above knows what should be given to the child and at what time.

Psalm 1:3 says "That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season." This states that every person has his own season in which it yields fruits. God works in his own timezone and his timings are rightly perfect. His works are neither early nor delayed. God waits for our season so that we may bear a thousand folds fruit. The child might see the thing which he desires as beneficial but the father knows the consequences of getting the blessing at that very time.

We need to know that receiving the blessing before the right time leads us to destruction. Instead of hurrying for receiving the blessing, we need to ask for wisdom of God to understand his plan and walk in his will. His word leads us to destination destined by God for our life. Many people after receiving the blessing, forget the blesser, the one who has blessed him. A blessing is not to forget the blesser rather it is to become more closer to the blesser. A strong bond should be maintained with the blesser.

Abraham, the father of faith, was not blessed with Isaac instantly. God had promised him when he was in the 75th year of his life and the promise got fulfilled in 100th year. It was indeed a very long waiting period. God matured Abraham in the period of 25 years in order to make him handle Isaac ( the blessing ) diligently. It is easier to attain a blessing than to maintain it.  The waiting period matures you spiritually, makes you bold in spirit and strengthens your faith. The scripture guides us that Abraham diligently walked with God holding on to his promises. He never complained for not having a child of his own acknowledging the power of his mighty God who is same yesterday, today and forever.

The waiting period perfects you in conduct, the waiting period perfects you in faith, the waiting period perfects you in patience, the waiting period perfects you in obedience, the waiting period perfects you in love, the waiting perfects your spiritual maturity. The waiting period overall perfects you. The delay in your blessing is not actually the delay but it is the waiting period in which God perfects you to walk diligently and makes you mature enough to handle the blessing.