English Prayer Service

People from different countries and states sent their request to Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal to start a service in English as they were not able to understand hindi and punjabi languages.
Lord has blessed these people after they have connected with the ministry and they wished to understand and receive the Word of God given in the prayer service.
Keeping their requests in consideration and with the idea of spreading the Word of God to all the sections of the world, under the guidance of holy spirit Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal along with Brother Abhishek Mittal and Brother Ashish Mittal  took an initiative and started English Prayer Service in the church premises.
English Prayer Service is organised in the church premises on every Sunday from 9 am to 10:30 am.

Many people and online viewers are getting blessed with the service and are sharing their testimonies with joy .
Thank you Jesus!