Living in Light Sunday Service

Living in Light archive was held in the premises of The Church of Peace with Pastor Kanchan MittalProphet Venkat from Maharashtra and Worshipper Pastor Ajay Chavan on Sunday 2nd February 2020.
Holy spirit guided Man of God Prophet Venkat and Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal to come together and prophesy greatly the plans that Lord has set for his people upon them. 

Many people were called out by name and declarations about their personal and professional lives were done. People confirmed all the declarations and received the blessings said upon them with utmost willingness and zeal.
People were blessed with the words of financial blessings upon their businesses and jobs and their spirits were uplifted by the synchronised worship of Pastor Ajay Chavan and the worship team of Kanchan Mittal Ministry.
Surely not a single person went empty handed and we're filled with the spirit of God with joy.