4 days of mega celebration in the Church of Peace

Kanchan Mittal Ministry is glad to announce the grand rally starting from the church premises in Sanauli and ending in Chandigarh on 23rd December 2019, Monday at 7:00 am. All the people are cordially invited to join us in the rally, Shobhayatra. Woman of God blesses everyone and prays that God will glorify all the people that will be joining us.

On 25th December 2019, there will be grand celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ . With all the gladness in the heart, Christmas prayer service will be held in the church premises in Sanauli at 11:00 am on Wednesday. With worship and praise, the birth of Jesus Christ will be celebrated. Surely people will be blessed and their cups will be filled after the prayer service. For giving thanks to the Lord for all the great works that he has done in our lives in the entire year, Thanksgiving Service will be held in The Church of Peace on 29th December 2019, Sunday at 10:30 am. Give thanks to the Lord with all your heart for he is good. Woman of God, Pastor Kanchan Mittal along with the congregation will thank God for his love and faithfulness that he did with his people throughout the year and will praise the name of the almighty. Bidding a final goodbye to the year 2019, No Carry Over Service will be held in The Church of Peace on 31st December 2019 , Tuesday from 9:00 pm till 1:30 am.

As the name of the service, no sorrow or no hardship and struggle in the lives of people will be carried over to the next year and God will bless everyone as they join us in the prayer service and begin the next year with the Lord. All these services are announced by the Woman of God under the guidance of holy spirit and people will see great miracles in their lives through these services