Dehradun Meeting with Lady Preacher Kanchan Mittal

Good news was spread in the city of Dehradun on 2nd October 2019 by Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal. People gathered in multitudes to receive their blessings by the impartation of God’s anointing by Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal. Woman of God with the team was warmly welcomed by the host church team and the Pastors. Their team was guided for the entire program and was also told about the procedures followed in church.

Prayer meeting was initiated by the worship, message and welcome by the host church. People rejoiced in the melody of the worship songs and prepared their souls to receive great miracles in their lives. After some time, Woman of God joined the congregation and a floral welcome was extended to her. Woman of God prayed for the congregation and guided them through the word of God. People were inspired after listening to the word of God. They were filled with fire and godly wisdom. They opened the doors of their heart to the God and surrendered themselves into the hands of the almighty.

After receiving the Word of God, congregation’s bondages were broken and their spiritual eyes were opened. Woman of God prayed for the congregation. Devil’s plans and works were destroyed by the blazing fire of God by the Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal. People got healed and were delivered of their illness and other problems. Pastor Kanchan Mittal prophesied that the children in the city are suffering from fever and prayed for their healing. Great works of God were witnessed by the people in their full consciousness. Many pastors and church leaders came to attend the prayer meeting and to receive the anointing of the anointed Woman of God for their respective ministries. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal called all of them in front and prayed for their spiritual life and for their ministries.

Woman of God also prayed for the host pastor and family and grace was imparted into them. Woman of God prophesied that the city of Dehradun will change from that meeting onwards and also broke all the bondages of devil over it. Many people came forward to testify their instant healing after the meeting and later also and thanked God for the great transformation of their lives. The city of Dehradun received a great revival by the arrival of anointing through Pastor Kanchan Mittal.