Flood Reliefs with The Heart Of Woman Of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal

Nowadays, Hearing News About Social Calamities And Other Epidemics Taking Place In Various Areas Of The World Have Become Quite Common. We Can Surely See The Word Of God Getting Fulfilled That Is “And There Were Flashes Of Lightning, Rumblings, Peals Of Thunder, And A Great Earthquake Such As There Had Never Been Since Man Was On The Earth, So Great Was That Earthquake.” [Revelations 16:18].

Likewise, Someday Before We All Heard The News Of Destructive Floods Hitting Punjab And Destroying The Lives Of Many People.After Watching The People Suffer For Their Basic Needs, The Heart Of Woman Of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal Got Filled With Compassion. As Guided By The Holy Spirit, Woman Of God With Family Brother Abhishek Mittal, Brother Ashish Mittal And Team Went To Many Areas That Were Destructed By The Floods. As Written In The Word Of God, Feed The Hungry, And Help Those In Trouble In The Book Of Isaiah , Woman Of God Distributed Many Things Like Food Material, Shelter Sheets , Clothes And Other Things Necessary For Them To Survive In Those Adverse Conditions. For Three Days, Woman Of God Visited The Flood Affected Areas And Helped The People Who Were In Despair And Were Losing Their Hope On Life. Woman Of God Also Prayed For The People So That God Keep His Merciful Hands On These People And Change Their Lives. Woman Of God Talked To The People, Encouraged Them And Filled Their Heart With Hope And Joy For A Better And Bright Future.

People Were Comforted And Were Told That They Will Always Have The Support Of The Ministry. The Heart Of The People Were Touched With The Love And Affection Of Woman Of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal That The God Had Filled Her With.