November Month of Comfort in the Guidance of God by the Woman of God Kanchan Mittal

In the holy presence of God, Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal has declared the month of November 2019 as the month of comfort. God has revealed his prophetic word on Woman of God while she was praying on the pulpit. Hearing to God’s voice, Woman of God prophesied for his people that God will provide rest to all the souls that are laden with stress and suppressed under the weight of their burdens. Our God has made a promise with us , that is, GIVE YOUR BURDENS TO ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST.

Woman of God apprised the congregation that God is going to provide them with supernatural peace in their soul and they will be free from all the anxiety and depression. People will feel an eternal joy in their lives. They will get answers to their questions and will be awarded with the result of their struggles. Woman of God prophesied that the time of struggle and the time of their difficult story will change into the time of their glory and happiness. In many of the prior meetings too, God through Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal has revealed his prophetic commandments for the congregation.

God tells his people what he expects and desires them to do in the upcoming month. This way God privileged his people with guidance and a light to walk on his path. People are testifying the glorious works of God in their lives and will continue to do so for their entire life after receiving the prophecies made by Woman of God under the guidance of the almighty Lord.