Pune crusade with Anointed Woman Of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal

PUNE RECEIVED THE REVIVAL! The Church of Peace had conducted two day crusade in Pune ( Maharashtra ) at ' Anna Bhau Sathe Sanskruti Kala rang mandir Next to Gunjan Theatre, opposite White House Society, Yerawada, Pune 411006' dated 7th and 8th November , 2019 ( Thursday and Friday ). The crusade was named - 'The Festival of Joy'. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal along with her team visited Pune. Last year in 2018 also Woman of God along with her team visited Pune for the prayer service and people were abundantly blessed.

This is why the people of Pune were too excited to welcome Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal from Punjab again. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal was welcomed in Pune with a great pleasure. As Woman of God stepped in Pune, She felt coldness in the spirits of people and she decided to fill those people with the fire of holy ghost.The arrival of Woman of God brought about a great revival in Pune. Truly, God is using Kanchan Mittal Ministies ( KMM ) in several places to spread the Good News. On 7th of November (Thursday ), Congregation gathered in large number at the venue to worship and praise God. This was their night of transformation.

The presence of Holy Ghost touched the congregation when Word of God was shared by Pastor Kanchan Mittal. Woman of God also prayed for the congregation and people were instantly delivered and cured of their problems and diseases. People in Pune witnessed such an anointing first time ever in their life. On 8th of November ( Friday ), There was a youth meeting organised for the young people where Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal and her son Brother Abhishek Mittal shared the word of God and made them aware of how precious the youth is in God's sight. Woman of God and her son conveyed the importance of the life which God has given us and the mission for which he sent us. Pastor Kanchan Mittal also, prayed for the congregation and the youth was really touched by the word of God. The poweful word of God turned their stoney hearts into receiving hearts.

On the same evening, Congregation again gathered in large numbers for the evening service to receive the new portion from God through Woman of God. People witnessed the miraculous works of God and testified the same. On 9th November ( Saturday ), There was a Pastors meeting organised. The Pastors and the spiritual leaders had hunger and thirst for receiving the God's anointing. They seemed empty and desired to fill with the anointing Woman of God has on her ministry. Woman of God guided the Pastors and the leaders through the word of God about the calling and plans God destined for them. Woman of God prayed for all the pastors and leaders that may God use them mightily for his service and grow their ministries and the number of salvations.

All the Pastors and Leaders were unexplainably happy and thanked Woman of God for guiding them in such a way that no one could do in past so many years. They became contended after receiving that fire of Holy Ghost and the same anointing which Pastor Kanchan Mittal carried upon her. After the Crusade, People numerously witnessed the wonderful miraculous works of God. The interviews were taken by the media team of The Church of Peace ( KMM ) that what experience did people get after attending the prayer service. People conveyed their much much love for Pastor Mom. They loved her way of sharing the word of God. Many pastors and leaders also tesified the touch of Holy spirit which they lacked since so many years. Truly, God worked with a great speed in Pune and the congregation was abundantly blessed. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal that It was the time for Pune ( Maharashtra ) to receive their portion. The fire of holy ghost and the presence of holy spirit shall always stay in the midst of his people