Saidpura near Derabassi Meeting with Punjab church Kanchan Mittal Ministries

Saidpura, a small village near Derabassi got completely changed through the anointing of God brought by the Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal on 24th September 2019. Great prophecies were made by the Woman of God for the Saidpura crusade in advance in the church. Everyone present there witnessed the divine fulfillment of each and every prophecy. Woman of God also told about many problems that the villagers were suffering from and many people came forward confessing about the same. Pastor Kanchan Mittal prophesied that the village Saidpura had immense devilish holds.

Woman of God and team was warmly welcomed by the people hosting the prayer service and the worship started in the evening. People felt the great presence of God during the worship and gave praise to the almighty from their lives. Testimonies were shown to the people and their hearts were filled with faith so that they can also receive their miracles from God. Woman of God enlightened the congregation with the Word of God. They were told about who the God is and why God made humans. People were told what Christianity is, that it is not a religion but a relation with God. People were filled with the fire in their spirit and were told that the power of God that resides within humans is far greater than the power of devil that tries to kill or destroy them provided that they walk in faith and obedience with the Word of God. Woman of God prayed for all the people and prophesied that all their relations and ties are breaking and said that they will not remain the slave of their sins but are the inheritors of the kingdom of God.

People came forward in large number and testified the great, miraculous and instant works of God in their lives. Great testimonies were recorded after many days of the meeting in which people confessed that the entire image of their village has changed. Village Saidpura is completely delivered now and all the inhabitants are happy and joyful in the grace of God.