Super Natural Talk Show with Woman of God Kanchan Mittal

Spiritual refers to … The talk show was introduced on 16 July 2019 in the guidance of God by the woman of God Kanchan Mittal. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal has a compassionate heart especially for the work of God and the gospel which is to spread among the nations worldwide. Pastor Kanchan Mittal along with her family, in order to spread the gospel by every possible means and to have a interaction with the people who follow the Kanchan Mittal Ministries, under the guidance of God initiated to start a weekly broadcast on Facebook and Youtube named 'SUPERNATURAL TALKS'.

This weekly broadcasted programme (Every Tuesday, 8:00 PM [IST]) is watched all over the world by people of many countries. Also, this show provides a facility for the seekers of the kingdom of God to send their prayer request and the queries. Questions of day to day life and queries related to spiritual life are asked through the provided contact number. These prayer requests and queries are personally read by the spiritual family and are consulted. The show aims at spiritual growth of the congregation. In the broadcast which is shown live every Tuesday at 8:00 PM (IST) on Facebook and Youtube,

Anointed Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal along with her sons - Brother Abhishek Mittal and Brother Ashish Mittal takes the congregation to presence of Almighty. The spiritual family shares the word of God with the people and encourages them to increase in the fellowship and light of God. Pastor Kanchan Mittal and her sons pray for the congregation who send their prayer requests and also answer the queries asked by the viewers. The audience receives the answers of their queries and becontended. After every episode, as the Woman of God prays for the viewers, many testimonies of healings, financial breakthroughs, spiritual growth and many others are received. In this Supernatural Talk Show, people are also invited to join Pastor Kanchan Mittal and family to share their testimonies with the viewers to give them a practical insight on how God works miraculously in the lives of his people.

This also increases faith amongst the audience and they realize that God has the ability to transform any situation completely. This helps the people to stand firmly in word of God. The congregation is always excited and looks forward to watching the latest episodes in order to receive their bread, the word of God. This interaction of the congregation with the spiritual family makes them feel cared and they fill with God's love. In every episode, Pastor Kanchan Mittal reminds them that they aren't alone, Heaven walks along with them. Surely, this interaction through the talk show ' Supernatural Talks' is the source of divine blessings.