Youth Meetings are Organised by Woman of God

In the scripture, many times God has cautioned the youth or the young generation of the world regarding the activities in which they spend their time, the people they accompany, their lifestyle and various other things. Keeping these commandments of the God, Woman of God frequently organizes youth conferences, meetings and trips both inside and outside the church premises.

The idea behind these gathering is to tell this energetic and hyperactive young generation about the Word of God and guiding them from the same. Youth of the church is guided to live a pious life and life without any blames. They are instructed in such a way that nobody looks down on them as they are young but they set as an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal also organized a youth conference with Christ Embassy which is a organization led by Pastor Chris. Pastor Isaac Aggarwal came as a guest speaker from Maharashtra to guide the church youth. He enlightened the people with the Word of God telling about the love of God and also instructed them to live a life that the God wishes them to live .

They were told that their lives are precious and a gift from God and that God has a plan for everyone so they should not take their life for granted and also help and guide other people who do so. Many activities like plays based on biblical situations and other interactive sessions are organized by Brother Abhishek Mittal and Brother Ashish Mittal in the church so that a practical insight can be provided to the church youth and ease their understanding of the heavenly commandments. Many fun activities, trips are organized for the youth to have a leisure time along with which they are given biblical knowledge to prevent them from getting distracted towards other activities for fun which might prove harmful for their spiritual as well as physical life. The teachings provided to the youth encourage them to stay away from all the types of intoxications, from a life of adultery and to become a support and asset to their family rather than being a liability on them.

The youth of the ministry gets blessed with every session. They come up with their life changing testimonies after they receive the Word of God and follow it practically in their lives given in these sessions. Woman of God prays for each and every one and on hearing the voice of God also guides them for their personal life. Youth receives great prophecies by the Woman of God and also come in front to testify the same. Kanchan Mittal Ministries is a firm ground for the enlightenment and establishment of the lives of today’s young generation under the will of almighty God.