About Kanchan Mittal

Pastor Kanchan Mittal was born on 21 October, 1979. Even though, she was very religious and a firm believer in the presence of God, her life was full of troubles. With those problems she always had questions about the existence of God and why HE does not respond to our prayers. From the very age of 5 she was aware of mantras and her search of God started in her childhood itself. She lost her mother at a very young age. Her mother died due to cancer. In the same year, her elder sister died due to attacks of evil spirit. This made her search fierier. Soon she was married but still she could not find peace. Just after a few days of her marriage, her husband was hospitalised. He suffered from migraine. And typhoid was a monthly affair.

Her search of God was persistent and finally one day someone told her that her father had converted his religion, this arose her religious patriotism and she fought with the Pastor who had baptized her father. The conversation took hours and she was determined to catch the pastor in his words but even with the rude manner in which she was talking to the pastor, she was unable to find any flaws. She literally interrogated the pastor with questions of life trying to find reason to blaspheme, instead she was touched by the patience of the pastor and the way he gave her the answers of her questions not by himself but from a book that was ‘Bible’. The meeting with the pastor changed her life and she found the truth. Her persistent search of God established her relationship with God, strengthened her faith and gave her purpose of life.

But this was just the beginning, as the pastor had already told her that life won’t be easy but nothing seemed really difficult after knowing that the spirit of God was with her now. Soon her husband, when he knew about her reading bible, started torturing her and he fought with her every day. She was told to leave her house along with her 2 kids, so they ended up at Faridabad. Now, she started teaching in a slum school for living and volunteered for service at a church. Her husband used to visit the church to see what she did there, but he did not find anything wrong about what was taught at that place. Nothing had actually changed, the way she dressed, her name or the way she talked was all same. Now it came to pass, that he decided to take her home by false claims so he could convince her to leave God but soon he was struck with great illness. So much so, that he could not speak. He was broken. Then his wife Kanchan Mittal rebuked him and asked him to believe in the works of God. And it happened as she prayed for him that his illness was all gone and from that day until now he has never been ill, not even a minor headache.

Soon their business was establishes and they started living a happy life. But she was chosen to accomplish the works of God. So it happened that one day the spirit of God spoke to her and told her what she had been chosen for. Even though it was hard, she decided to dedicate her life for the service of God and she has saved thousands of souls in the guidance of Holy Spirit and she’s continuing the work of spreading the gospel since 2011.

Welcome To Kanchan Mittal


A prophetic healer and Woman of God, Pastor Kanchan Mittal is the Founder of The Church of Peace, Punjab. She has been chosen by Almighty Lord to save his souls. Located at The Church Road,Village Sanauli, Zirakpur, The Church of Peace was established in the year 2011 and registered as “The Flames of Fire Ministries”. Now the Church is a synonym of deliverance, healing and blessings. It is the fastest growing Church in the periphery of Chandigarh.Approximately 50,000 souls have been saved and 8000 have been Baptized and the number is increasing. Every week 250 plus unique visitors visit the Church in search of the true living God for their well being and solving problems of their life, issues related to health, mind, peace and wealth.

Working with the vision of saving the world, Pastor Kanchan Mittal has dedicated her whole life towards fulfilment of the Great Mission of saving souls, propagating the message of love, peace, deliverance, prosperity and happiness, awakening the world and spreading the good news of coming of Lord Jesus Christ..

We believe that Holy Bible is the Word of God and God talks to us and guides us through The Holy Bible.

We believe that God has created the world and he is the ruler of the universe and humans are his supreme creation.

We believe that worship can connect us to God, the Holy Spirit who can restrain evil in the world and convicts men of sin, righteousness and judgement.

We believe that Jesus christ was crucified for our sins, for our salvation. All Baptized are the part of the body and the soul of the living Lord Jesus. He seals them for salvation and regenerates them to a new life and bestows spiritual gifts on them.

We believe in Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Death could not hold him. He is raised and Holy Spirit stays with us. He is the living God.

We believe that it is the will of God that we are seen in his likeness and in his character. He wants us to be blemish free and perfect in character.

This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.

For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.