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With diminishing filial piety, the older generation of the country which should be respected and cared for is being neglected and ignored. Old, especially around the semi-urban area are often left on the streets at their own devices. Some geriatrics testify their near death experiences due to lack of care and support. Some of such people even enter extreme phases of depression due to loneliness. A 2015-16 AISCCON (All India Senior Citizens' Confederation) survey shows that 60 per cent of elderly people living with their families face abuse and harassment, 66 per cent are either 'very poor' or below the poverty line and 39 per cent have been either abandoned or live alone.At Kanchan Mittal Ministries, we connect with such elderly and lonely people; for the word of God demands that we do not rebuke an older man but encourage him. Kanchan Mittal Ministries provides shelter to the homeless aged people and engage them in light work to keep them occupied.

Involving the Elderly

The elders are treated with humility and great respect. They are encouraged to undertake light jobs to keep themselves occupied.

Respect, Family Love and Care

The elders get care from volunteers and the children in the care of ministry. Some of the old are given managerial roles in the church .

Nutrition and Medical Needs

The old in the ministry are given nutritious, age appropriate diets. They are also provided medical care and facilities whenever required.