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Extend Hands of Care

We Provide

Shelter To The Orphans And Abandoned Children

Kids are loved and given protection by the ministry. They are given all the necessary living condition .

Nutritious Food And Medical Support

The kids in the care of the ministry are given a balanced nutritious diet along with medical care.

Education And Skilling Opportunities

Kids depending on their age groups and talents are provided with education, skills and scholarships.

Caring For Orphan

There were 20 million orphans recorded in India in 2011. Less than 60,000 children are adopted every year in India. Considering that no more that 41% birth are actually registered, it is obvious that the plight of orphans is not as widely approached as it should be. Moreover, there are many children across the country who are simply abandoned because of gender bias or disability. Due to lack of proper care and facilities to support all the orphans in the country, many children suffer in the hands of wrong people....
We, at Kanchan Mittal Ministries extend our hands in care for these orphans in the form of a home, daily meals, a school and medical protection. We are one of the ministries that care for widows and orphans because we believe, ‘the religion that is pure and undefiled before God is to visit orphans and widows in their affliction’. We want to help these children. Your aid in the form of donations will shape the life of many for good. Be a messenger of hope by supporting our cause, so these children can be saved and nurtured to be strong and compassionate individuals.