Our God is an awesome God, who makes the lame walk  

The time of your wait is not a wild – goose chase but the time that prepares

Confess your sins and be redeemed

Don’t be anxious and be faithful as our Lord is merciful

Do not fear for the Lord is with thee, he is faithful than anyone can be.

His promises last forever, that he will not let you get shattered.

Give your life as a living offering and Lord will take care of all your sufferings

Holy spirit is our guide, he is the one who provides

We were stuck in despair but the Lord said don't fear I am there.

God's love is so pure and fine, even the most eloquent words can not define

All our acquisitions is the grace of God and not the work of our hands

Enter his courts with the heart as that of a child and he will come to take you as his bride

A single step of faith is enough to move the mountains

Seek the creator and not just adore the creation

A disease is the illness of the body but sin and unfaithfulness is the illness of the soul

Just as our Lord, Conquer the evil in the world with the good god has put in you.

Obedience and Humility are the keys to blessing. Fearing God refers to beginning of wisdom. Your efforts in Christ, never go in vain. Protect your salvation.

When Evil plans your downfall, God plans your uprising.
Every hurdle you come across takes you near your destiny.
Rebelling God is the dangerous thing ever !
The sensation of your testimonies is heard so far.
When you walk, Heaven walks along.
Heaven is ready to make you win the war.
You are pregnant with your greatest testimonies.
Obedience and Humility are the keys to blessing.
Fearing God refers to beginning of wisdom.
Your efforts in Christ, never go in vain.
Protect your salvation.
Crucification -- Victory engulfed the death.
Whom to fear when God is here.
The voice which knocks you down in spirit is meant to be ignored.
Humility is the first step of promotion.
Behind the word of God, lies your miracle.
Our God is the provider, the story changer !
The point where your thinking ends, God's plan starts.
The deflection towards materialism leads to destruction in spirituality.
Christianity - Not a religion but a relationship with God.
Christianity is nothing more than hearing and obeying
Repent Sins Accept Jesus Life transformed.
God has equipped us with the spiritual weapons and heavenly wisdom.
Tough decisions give birth to the Greatest Testimonies.
Jesus chose sinners to lift his name high.
I was a deserted compartment, now glorified light
When the persecutions knock you down, Always remember, GOD IS THERE TO RAISE YOU UP.
Service starts when you escape from the comfort zone.
Mould me into my best version my God !
God brings you at the point of destruction to turn that into a miracle
Do not despise the small in you acknowledging the power of your God who chose David to defeat Goliath.
Your dreadful situations do not reflect your future. God turns the mess into the best.
Enjoying the adversities, comes from God.
The redemption was the blood from Calvary.
Good is not always God's will but God's will is always Good.
You are the child of the undefeated God.
When God speaks, he provides.
When faith is mixed with confession, the outcome is seen by the nation.
Without a step of faith, one cannot expect the outcome.
A single step of faith is enough to reach your miracle.
Mercilessly crucified for all my deeds fulfilled even the unwanted needs .. No one could shed away the life for a sinner Jesus is the one !! The real winner !!
Tears clouded whole my eyes. I wasn't worthy of the paid price !! The price was the precious blood. Problems were hailstorms , rains were floods !!
Cherish your blessing for your God is alive. Love your enemies ..no more to strive
The opposition could be great but the God is saying - " I AM GREATER "
When you fail, God's grace prevails.
Service starts with fearing God.
No more tears to shed, God has saved us from the death bed.
Those persecutions might deform you, but with the strength of God, they mould you into your best version.
If your efforts are real, So is your God.
Blessed are the feet which bring Good News.
If the approach is good, so is the response.
Our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the Glory that will be revealed to us in Christ
With the Glory, take mark of the story.
The persecutions are the stepping stones to Glory.
As the deer paneth for water, so does my soul for you my God.
The supernatural is divine. You can't understand it and if you do, that isn't supernatural.
When the word of God is fulfilled, the miracles take place.
The future reveals your acts of past.
With the teachable spirit inside of you, You donot empty yourself but create a space for better things to enter your life.
The giver shall never lack anything.
God will tell you to do the things you can do so that he can do the things you cannot do.
You all through the destruction to reach God's destination.
The miracle couldn't have taken place if Moses didn't raise the stick forward.
Time is too slow for who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.
Don't let the roots of evil grow in your hearts.
Weak takes support of weapon , Strong takes support of his morality.
God perfects the imperfect vessel.
Interference of God is enough for your contrary circumstances to transform.