Youth attending the prayer service on 23rd February 2020

Youth is the most vulnerable age of one's life. Satan tries to indulge the Youth of the world into all the malpractices and wants to lead them astray but Our Lord sees the Youth in the different way. For Him Youth is the most powerful age to impact the world.

Taking His wish into consideration, under the guidance of Holy spirit, Woman of God Pastor Kanchan Mittal announced special Lay hand prayer for all the Youth attending the prayer service on 23rd February 2020 in the church premises. Pastor Kanchan Mittal prayed for the people between the age of 15yrs to 28yrs with anointing oil breaking the bondages of Satan over their lives. They were blessed with abundance, well being, prosperity and bright future. 

Many prophecies were made for them that everyone received with zeal and great joy.

Surely the lives of these young people will not remain the same. Lord will bless them with divine wisdom and they will be able to understand the plans of Satan and overcome them.

Victory will be their portion and they will not see the face of defeat again. Their lives will be filled with joy and crying will not be their part.