Give Support That Restores

Caring For Widows

Losing one’s husband, undeniably brings grief, loneliness and financial upheaval for most women. In certain untrodden areas it also brings social and cultural bonds which ultimately lead to women being cast out of the only society they have ever known. Sometimes, women after their husband’s death are left with kids but no family, assets, property or sufficient skills to lead life. In this desperate situation, Kanchan Mittal Ministries provide care to widows and their children in the forms of food, shelter and skilling programs at the Church’s sewing centers.... We also provide rations to households of widows until they can earn and feed themselves. The ministry helps the widows in Punjab and nearby areas in hope of healing and restoring them. We invite you to contribute to the noble cause of empowering the widowed women.


Shelter, Nourishment and Mental Support

Widowed and helpless women with their children are provided shelter. With the help of God’s grace and your support, we are able to give the women nutritious meals. We encourage the women through the word of God and support them mentally and emotionally. With the help of all the volunteers who engage with them, these women heal and restore with time.



The ministry works in multiple dimensions. We skill the unskilled and willing people, free of cost. According to the talent, the skills range from cooking and sewing (at the sewing centers) to digital marketing, graphic designing, live telecasting and other such programs. After learning skills, the women became more independent and are freely able to fend for themselves and their families.